In 2012 a group of professionals with over fifteen years experience and different professional trajectories put all our energy into building a common project that was driven, above all, by the aspiration of bringing hope within a context that appeared to be filled with confusion and pessimism. Our field of action is the land, and our chief objective is to reconnect people with it.

Inspired in Ithaca by Cavafy, the poet from Alexandria, we consider the Greek voice ‘ηδονικά’ —‘hedonic,’ ‘pleasing,’ ‘stimulating’—a good port from which to set out on our journey. This is what marked the birth of Idonika, our deep love of the city and its memory; an exciting place filled with encounters and endless possibilities for rewriting our history.

As a team and with the help of the Global Market Business Advisers Group to which we belong, we provide our customers with advice on issues of Strategy, Communication and Tourism. In other words, we accompany them in the process of creating a solid identity by turning back to their roots, helping them tell their story and make it accessible so that it may grow, develop and embark on a journey as long as can be imagined. And so we confront each project as if it were our first, and spend much of our time thinking, working out the right formula, composing an accurate picture and weaving a reliable network of collaborators who can infuse their enthusiasm into this new story.

Beatriz Ballesteros

Strategy, Marketing 

Beatriz Ballesteros read Chemical Engineering at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense. In 2001 she joined Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and in 2005 became manager of telecommunications, media and energy at Deloitte. In 2007 she transferred to Madrid Visitors & Convention Bureau, first as a strategy director and then as managing director, where she worked hard designing campaigns to invigorate tourism.

In 2012 she was appointed director of international strategy and entrepreneurial participation at Madrid City Council, where she was involved in the Annual Sponsorship Plan. In 2013 she joined the Global Market Business Advisers Group as a founding associate of Idonika.

Pablo Bautista

Strategy, Creativity 

Pablo Bautista graduated as an Industrial Engineer at ICAI and in 1997 joined the unit dedicated to telecommunications and media at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. In 2006 he joined Madrid Visitors & Convention Bureau where he directed the advertising campaigns promoting the city, first as managing director and then as chief executive officer. He also created the multimedia platform esMADRID, and organised, with Madrid Fusion, the first three Gastrofestival events.

In 2012 he entered the firm Global Market Business Advisers Group, from which he founded Idonika. Since 2012 he occupies the position of coordinator at Mula and its associated annual event, Mulafest. His career has been linked to other interests, particularly film and the theatre, for which he has written and produced works.

Javier García

E-commerce, e-marketing 

Susana García

Administration, Production 

Mar Gil

Communication, PR 

Paloma Jiménez

Strategy, Marketing 

Paloma Jiménez graduated in Business Direction and Administration at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, and in 1998 embarked on her professional career at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, first at the company’s New York offices and subsequently in Madrid. In 2002 she joined Telefónica Móviles España, and in 2006 moved to Madrid City Tourism Administration, where she is in charge of the multimedia platform esMADRID.

In 2007 she worked as executive producer at López-Li Films and in 2009 joined the Madrid Ciudad Global 2010 Foundation, set up to organise the city’s participation in Better City—Better Life at the Shanghai Exposition Universelle. In 2012 she joined the Idonika team.

Gregory Martínez

E-marketing, Events 

After studying Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Católica Andres Bello in Caracas, his hometown, Gregory Martínez moved to Madrid. In the Spanish capital he furthered his training at IES La Arboleda, where he qualified as a Higher Technician in Audiovisuals and Spectacles, and at the School of Photography and Image Centre, where he specialised in digital photography.

He has written and directed the short films Papá no se enfadó (2014) and Paso de cebra (2014), and the play Me quedo en este lado (2012). He has been the head of the photographic edition at Mulafest in 2013 and 2014.

Enio Mejía

Audiovisual, Direction 

After reading Communication Sciences at the Universidad del Nuevo Mundo in Mexico City, Enio Mejía 1998 he moved to Madrid to continue his training at the Juan Carlos Corazza International Actors’ Studio. Since then his professional career has been linked to the worlds of film and theatre.

In 2006 he wrote and directed WC, the first entirely digital Spanish production. His stage productions include Pin, pan… toda la vida (2011) and Cuando una puerta se abre (2014), both of which he directed, and Red Light Winter (2013), for which he was assistant director. In 2012 he assumed responsibility for the drama section at Mulafest and in 2013 of the audiovisual section. That same year he began to collaborate with A6 Cinema as casting director.

Beatriz Menéndez

Experiences, Events 

Ángel Pardo

Contents, Gastronomy 

After graduating in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the Madrid’s Universidad Complutense, Ángel Pardo set out on his professional career in the world of motors, another of his passions. Thus, in 2007 he joined the editorial office of Car magazine, where he would eventually become head of the section entitled ‘Car News.’ From 2008 to 2010 he was editor and writer of Más Que Coches television programme on Spanish channel Telecinco.

After a stint as editor of Marca Motor on Marca TV and as editor-in-chief of Centímetros Cúbicos on Antena 3, he joined Idonika at the end of 2014.

Lola Sanz

Experiences, Management 

Lola Sanz graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the Universidad de Málaga and obtained a Master in Arts of Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad CEU de San Pablo in Madrid. Between 2006 and 2009 she worked for d6 advertising agency in Madrid. In 2010 she joined the contents department at El Mundo Televisión as format creator and in 2011 was appointed social media analyst at Coma Communication Manager.

After working at The Market Room, in 2012 she joined Global Market Business Advisers Group. That same year she coordinated the areas of music and production at Mulafest, and in 2013 worked once again as production coordinator at the event.