Peru Gastronomy

Madrid, Spain

Client Oficina Comercial del Perú en España

Sector Gastronomy · Tourism

Date 2015


Peruvian gastronomy today is widely renown, so much so that it has become one of the most important channels for disseminating the Peruvian brand, for attracting people to its peculiar geography, its age-old traditions and its history, throughout which the cultures of four continents ‘have sat at the same table.’ Thanks to the country’s cuisine and to the international influence of some of its chefs, today Peru is one of the most important culinary tourist destinations in the world.

Given the interest of the Commercial Office of Peru in Spain in promoting tourism in the Andean country and in supporting the advertising campaign titled Your Trip to Peru, we began by designing a strategy of alliances with the MasterCard Priceless Cities programme that forms the basis of a series of communication actions and experiences in which Peruvian gastronomy took centre stage.




Pisco Route

We consider the concept of ‘route’ the best way of communicating our project and of triggering a proper encounter with the gastronomy of Peru. We therefore devised an urban circuit that encompassed some of the restaurants dedicated to Peruvian cuisine in Madrid. La Cevicuchería, Navaja, Kinua Perú Food, Tampu and Tanta came up with a number of traditional tapas, served with the national drink pisco, of which Peru is the main exporter. Through the Priceless Madrid programme customers can enjoy reduced prices and Priceless Surprises, ranging from a gastronomy set or a dinner for two, to a trip to Lima.


A Visual Taste of Peru

Museo Nacional de Antropología~29.05.2014

A group of just sixteen privileged people were welcomed by Juan Manuel Castro Prieto at the Museo Nacional de Antropología, where we embarked on a journey through the visual and gastronomic culture of Peru, and conversed at length. We toured the exhibition Martín Chambi Perú Castro Prieto, guided by the photographers, viewing over a hundred human and natural landscapes that provided us with the first clues to understand contemporary Peruvian society. From there we headed to La Cevicuchería restaurant, where Miguel Ángel Valdivieso and his talented cuisine transported us to the heart of creole Lima, characterised by intense aromas and flavours.