Kalise Islands

Madrid, Spain

Client GKM~Grupo Kalise Menorquina

Sector Food

Date 2013–2015

Site kalise.com

After years making use of the slogan ‘Kalise for All,’ GKM~Grupo Kalise Menorquina sets out on a process of analysis in order to expand its reputation beyond its consolidated geographical areas of consumption in the Canaries and Balearic Islands. The search for a positioning strategy in the various markets in Spain at Idonika marked the beginning of our work.

Using as our main tool the huge emotional capital linked to the archipelagos, and which did indeed depend on the insular origin of the business group, we launched the Kalise Islands project. The key was to reproduce these sensations in other regions, and thus create new relationships with consumers. The Island at Mulafest was the starting point that ended up shaping the proposal: an oasis on the tarmac of the urban trends festival at which a range of summer activities were held over four days.






The Island

A significant part of the project and a key feature in the strategy was to move the environment and its emotional value linked to the archipelagos to other parts of Spain. GKM~Grupo Kalise Menorquina decided to participate in Mulafest and built a genuine urban oasis measuring over a thousand square metres, with all the elements characterising an island summer more than an inland metropolis. Zuloark architectural office took part in the project, designing the furniture out of recycled materials such as wood, in collaboration with illustrator Little is Drawing, Carla Fuentes, who designed the illustrations that would be reproduced on vinyl and decorated the exteriors of pavilions 12 and 14.


My Summer Began on The Island

Mulafest. 26–29.06.2014

This year I was supposed to spend my holiday in the city, so I decided to draw up a programme to manage all this free time on the tarmac without getting bored. My bike would be my tool, which I would use to move around, discover new places and enjoy new experiences. This is how I started pedalling to salute the summer. Well aware that was the opening day of the urban trends festival, Mulafest, and decided to make it my destination. I was surprised to discover a setting that was more characteristic of an island than of a city that people were abandoning. It was no doubt the perfect place to start the summer—four long days that I hope will be repeated.

Sand on the Tarmac?

Mulafest. 27–30.06.2013

Before setting out with my friends on a trip to the beach to begin our well-deserved summer holidays, we decided to throw a party at Mulafest to celebrate the end of the academic year and bid the city farewell. We had heard rumours that on this second occasion the festival of urban trends would offer a new outdoor space called ‘The Island.’ When we got there, however, we what we discovered far exceeded what we had imagined—a genuine oasis with sand, deck chairs, live music and even a refreshment stall. For four days we fully enjoyed that paradise on tarmac that seemed to have been directly brought over from the archipelagos especially for us.