Short Films for the Environment

Madrid, Spain

Client ECAM~Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid

Sector Cinema · Enviroment

Date 2014


Barely a year after the Sierra de Guadarrama was declared a National Park, the Comunidad de Madrid and the region’s School of Cinematography and Audiovisuals—ECAM, for its capitals in Spanish—decided to embark on a joint project that would highlight the importance of care and protection of the environment. The result was the production of three short films: Biodiversidad, by Guillermo Chapa, performed by Juanjo Ballesta and Michelle Jenner; El buen amor, by Gabriel Azorín, which counted on the participation of Elena Ballesteros and Nancho Novo; and Isabel Isabellae, by Amanda Rodríguez, with Irene Escolar, Tamar Novas and Martiño Rivas.

At Idonika we designed the strategy behind the collaboration, telling its story: with a huge bank of photographs and the making-of films of each production we wrote a chronicle that began the first day of filming and concluded the very night of the première at Cine Capitol, at which film and the environment were the leading players.





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