DGT Campaign


Client DGT~Dirección General de Tráfico

Sector Mobility

Date 2012

Site dgt.es

Spain’s General Traffic Board—DGT, for its capitals in Spanish—was determined to find a way to make young people aware of the importance of road safety. The message ‘If you take drugs and drive you’re not the only victim’ certainly required a drastically new approach, one that could travel along digital information highways. At Idonika we took this as our starting point.

From the very beginning we felt that those best qualified to tell the story would be those we hoped to reach—the receiver had to be simultaneously the emitter, and the Mula community had all the tools required to fulfill this intention. Using dance as a vehicle of expression, Lokomamía, the company founded by Rubén Nsué, devised a choreography to warn of the dangers of alcohol and drugs at the steering wheel, and the creative process was explained live via Mula Network, thanks to which the Mula community was also involved in the campaign.




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