Sensed Places, Placed Senses

Jonathan Mills

The festival space is a perambulatory environment. In settings less steeped in such ancient rites, just the ability to walk between venues, encourages a reconnection with familiar locations—the details and textures of any urban environment becoming reconfigured as places and moments of great intimacy, and part of a true festival encounter.

A Festival, a Revolution

David Binder

Festivals as we know them today have their origin in World War Two. Over the course of time, the intensification of the flow of capital and the emergence of the Internet favoured the appearance of a new type of festival that completed the offer of those early versions and were characterised by a radically new sense of opening.

Equality, Inequity, Iniquity

Larry Harvey

Black Rock City has always been a place where old and young, and rich and poor, can live on common ground. The word for this is ‘fellowship,’ as in the fellowship of a lodge whose members, however diverse, are united by common values and a sense of shared experience. But this should not be interpreted as mandating equal living conditions.

Urban Alchemy

Martyn Reed

In 1995, Stavanger, one of the Norway’s oldest city, was a blank slate, no real history of engagement with subcultures, clubbing or graffiti and street art. Small pockets of it as there are everywhere but nothing major, it felt like a blank canvas. The positive side of this, was that there was little resistance to new ideas and in particular to street art.


The Grand Catharsis

Liam Aldous

Sometimes all we need to balance the gruelling monotony of the daily grind is one grand unbridled party and celebrate everything worth celebrating.

Let’s Dance …

Beatriz Ballesteros

Nowadays large-scale events are not only an excuse to celebrate but are one of the most effective platforms for promoting artists, groups and territories.

A New World

Pablo Bautista

From time immemorial, man has gathered in groups to communicate and share the landmarks of his existence—in short, to celebrate life.

Filling Public Space with Life

Víctor Crespo

Public administrations don’t only create communal space; they must also bring it to life by using it as a backdrop for the celebration of citizen events.


Javier Martínez

At the dawn of humanity we celebrated a new life, a good hunt or a fine harvest. Today we make pilgrimages to the promised land and the delightful moment of a festival.

Human Floods

Enio Mejía

At each new festival I attend … there it is—my surprised face by the instinctive inclination of audiences to turn everything into a big party.

You Could See It Coming

Roberto Rua

Whether you’re a spectator or an organiser, the result is always the same—no soon are it’s doors closed that you’re thinking of the next event.

Celebration at 360 Degrees

Mario Suárez

Festivals have become powerful tools for communication and creative exchange that overstep the borders that delimit them.