The Cities of The Future

Ismaïl Serageldin

After millenia struggling with how we should shape the city and its institutions, today we might conclude that it is not just a physical creation of architects or the conceptual design of urban planners; not even where the past must survive and the present keep in progress—the City is primarily the scenario where invent our future.

Bangkok Utopia

Lawrence Chua

In the early twentieth century, the nascent architectural profession in the Thai capital, Bangkok, was confronted with both the development of a new urban economy and the exponential growth of the city through an influx of migrant labor. Two diagrams that circulated a that time reflect these competing and complementary utopian ideals.

The Value of Community

Jasper Visser

The three greatest perks of Amsterdam are its scale its biking culture and the historical tradition that one day turned it into a stop of traders and travellers. Regardless how well the city is doing, I always aspire it does better. If one day I become its mayor, I would value each and every one of their local communities.

Theatre of The World

Hortense Archambault

The ideal city is round, curved, circular, spherical; it is also square, linear; and triangular, pointed. All its paths and roads lead us more or less directly to its centre, where there is a ‘theatre’, open day and night, that watches over the daily staging of a performance of the world, its own performance, in order to share it.


The Perfect City

Liam Aldous

A city is an infinite patchwork of people and places. The perfect city fertilises this garden so that businesses can grow and its citizens can flourish.

The Id·eal Global City

Beatriz Ballesteros

In the race for being a great metropolis of its time, only an obstacle can push back to a city to the square one: forget which makes it different.

Urban Sculpture

Pablo Bautista

The long-awaited ‘ideal city’ exists where perfection and change aren’t enemies but allies: it tries, fails and then continues to write its history with what does work.

Administration? Accessible

Víctor Crespo

The relationship between the administration and citizenship must be reciprocal: not only shall ensure of the fulfillment of our duties but for the protection of our rights.

Something New Every Day

Rocío Guisado

The future of companies involves making the values to which they owe their success. As a reward they will have an unprecedented relationship with their territory and users.

The Imagined Place

Paloma Jiménez

The cities of the future are those that do not impose, but offer their visitors the tools they need to build their dreams—that other life they imagine.

Everyday Stories

Enio Mejía

Our encounter with the ideal city resembles an encounter with the perfect stage set in an audiovisual production: all we have to do is to find the light that makes it real.

Let’s Eat … Together

Itziar Ortega

To quote George Bernard Shaw, ‘There is no love more sincere than the love of food.’ Given that the city is a favourable scenario for sharing, let’s eat together.