Periphery, Between Nowhere

Álvaro Siza Vieira

At certain times, one theme takes precedence over all others, and in architectural practice this is not different. In this sense we could say that the nineties were characterised by a concern with landscape that now seems to have declined, and to have transformed into what is known as the so-called ‘environmental issue.’

Land, Inequality, Democracy

Walden Bello

My generation came of age in the struggles of the Third World against dictatorships and in favour of democracy, struggles that were intended to reduce inequality and impoverishment and yet obviously did not succeed. The fight for land reforms in the Philippines is a fine example of the contradictions of this process.

Small Farms Can …

Hilal Elver

Yes, they can feed the world. Mostly of world’s food production reliant on small family farms, what represent the vast majority of agriculture worldwide, both in developed and developing countries. Protecting their farmer’s rights is paramount to the eradication of hunger and ensuring food security and adequate nutrition.

Rural Tourism

Taleb Rifai

Along with the swift expansion of the sector over recent decades, the map of international tourism has diversified to a huge extent. In this context, the so-called ‘rural tourism’ has become a great opportunity for both visitors—increasingly sophisticated consumers looking for new traveling experiences, and for welcoming communities.



Liam Aldous

Madrid is renowned for its bustling restaurants, but behind of every mouth-watering bite the city offer us, there is a hard-working food-producer.

Sand Under Our Feet

Beatriz Ballesteros

I open the window and a salty breeze caresses my face. I leave the house, accompanied by the rustling sound of the sand under my feet and the swaying leaves of the palm tree.

Urban Eyes, Peasant Hands

Pablo Bautista

Commissioned by his sovereign, Francisco de Goya restored country life to its rightful position, which had been—and should continue to be, the king’s residence.

A Continuous Whole

Víctor Crespo

Achieving a harmonious integration of the urban, rural and natural spheres into a continuous whole, avoiding landscape fragmentation … That is the real point.


Paloma Jiménez

The consumption of local produce is a sound environmental practice that providing us with quality food and ensuring sustainable production models.


Enio Mejía

Let’s take a look at the faces and hands of those who farm the land and produce our food—we’ll immediately understand a life filled with sacrifice.

On Genes and Survival

Ángel Pardo

Here is my acknowledgement to some of the icons of the resistance, heroes and villains who, thanks to the rural gene, managed to forge—or destroy, the term ‘citizen.’

Defending Empedocles

Mario Suárez

The countryside is a scenario from which we may defend the return to the origins of total artists, their constant exploration of the land as a place from which to create.