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My name is Erik and I’m from … well, I was born in a plane, so I consider myself a citizen of the world. My father is Finnish and was a soldier in the Suomen merivoimat. He taught me the meaning of discipline, both in work and in life. It was in Helsinki that he met my mother, a Spanish correspondent for the Northern countries. Like her, I’m curious and ask questions. I ask and ask endlessly, until I understand all that exists around me. Now I live in Spain and have just joined the Idonika team as a reporter. You can contact me at



02.10.2015, 09:00
SmartCityness 2015

Ex-Vetreria, Cagliari, Italy

26.07.2015, 13:00
National Pisco Day

Pisco Route, Madrid

25.06.2015, 12:00
Mulafest 2015

Ifema: Pavilions 12 & 14, Madrid

29.05.2015, 18:30
Martín Chambi Perú Castro Prieto

Museo Nacional de Antropología, Madrid

10.05.2015, 19:00
Mutua Madrid Open 2015 Final

Caja Mágica, Madrid

09.05.2015, 11:00
MulaCity Day

Barrio de la Alhóndiga, Getafe, España

25.04.2015, 18:40
Opening of Priceless Dates

Hotel Room Mate Óscar, Madrid

17.02.2015, 09:00
InturTech 2015

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Córdoba, Spain

15.01.2015, 19:30
Motors for Change

Kikekeller, Madrid

15.12.2014, 20:00
Fuel Fandango Sings to Hubert de Givenchy

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

13.12.2014, 12:00
First Labels with the M Producto Certificado guarantee

Lácteas del Jarama, Fuente El Saz de Jarama, Madrid

25.11.2014, 20:30
First Priceless Surprise

Platea, Madrid

24.11.2014, 12:30
Conference on the Intelligent and Emotional Lighting of Cities

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Córdoba, Spain

18.11.2014, 20:30
ιδArteRecicla Awards Ceremony

Cine Callao, Madrid

06.10.2014, 21:00
Première of Short Films for the Environment

Cines Capitol, Madrid

16.07.2014, 12:00
Visit to the Guadarrama Set

Forest of Finland, Rascafría, Madrid

26.06.2014, 12:00
La Isla Repeats at Mulafest

Ifema: Pavilions 12 & 14, Mardrid

20.06.2014, 10:00
Première of Mulafest 2014

Cine Callao, Madrid

11.06.2014, 11:00
Presentation of ιδArteRecicla

Teatros del Canal: Sala Negra, Madrid

27.04.2014, 19:30
Birthday of Priceless Madrid: Third Evening

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

26.04.2014, 19:00
Anniversary of Priceless Madrid: Second Evening

Zarzuela Hippodrome, Madrid

25.04.2014, 12:00
Celebration of the Agreement between Madrid Wine Routes and Priceless Madrid

La Coracera Castle, San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Madrid

25.04.2014, 19:00
Anniversary of Priceless Madrid: First Evening

Kitchen Club, Madrid

28.01.2014, 12:00
Presentation of

Madrid Fusion: Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Madrid

25.11.2013, 20:00
Vanity Fair Surrealist Soirée

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

21.10.2013, 12:00
Shopping Bus Ifema Plus Gets Going

Ifema, Madrid

16.09.2013, 17:30
Peru at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Ifema: Pavilion 14, Madrid

16.09.2013, 20:30
Peru SModa

Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

27.06.2013, 12:00
La Isla at Mulafest

Ifema: Pavilions 12 & 14, Mardrid

19.06.2013, 10:00
Première of Mulafest 2013

Cine Callao, Madrid

24.04.2013, 19:00
Priceless Madrid Is Born

Microteatro por dinero, Madrid

13.12.2012, 20:00
Darío Barrio, David Delfín y Yo Dona presentan Priceless Passport

5 Jotas & Los Gallos: Callejón de Puigcerdá, Madrid

12.09.2012, 12:00
Giftrends City—Ifema Comes to the City

Soho Madrid & Triball, Madrid

11.07.2012, 11:00
Urban Dance at the First Mulafest Event

Ifema: Pavilions 12 & 14, Madrid

19.05.2012, 19:00
Imagine with Metro Mulafest

Metro: several underground stations, Madrid

19.05.2012, 19:00
Lokomamia presents Paralelo 00.00

Metro: Chanmartín station, Madrid

27.04.2012, 12:00
Presentation of Mulafest

Cine Callao, Madrid



One Year Inhabiting the Silver Screen

Madrid’s natural surroundings are still present at the main film events.

From Ceviche Day to Pisco Day

The Commercial Office of Peru in Spain kicks off summer staging an important gastronomic event to celebrate its identity.

Raffle for a Gastronomic Trip to Peru

The Commercial Office of Peru in Spain and MasterCard promote the Andean country as a tourist destination.

El Molar, a new sub-area for the Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin

The Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin adds a new sub-area of production to its three existing areas.

ιδArteRecicla holds its second call

Send your proposed installations for Mulafest 2015

Biodiversidad at the Cinemattic Summerhall Edinburgh

Biodiversity at the Off ECAM special section of the film event

Environmental Care in a Film Festival

Biodiversidad and Isabel Isabellae take part in six festivals.

The First Musical Artists Confirm their Attendance at Mulafest 2015

Hudson Mohawke and 2ManyDjs are the first to confirm their attendance at the music event on occasion of the urban trends festival.

Ifema Plus and Mulafest Are Nominated for the 2015 InturTech Awards

The Ifema Plus and Mulafest projects are among those nominated for the first InturTech Awards.

The 25th Anniversary of the Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin

The Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin starts the year by celebrating its growth, its new additions and its twenty-fifth anniversary.

Rodilla Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Madrid’s most typical sandwiches celebrate their anniversary in association with the new M Certified Product brand.

Ifema Plus: An Example of Sound Business Practice

A study carried out by the Forum of Businesses for Madrid mentions Ifema Plus as an example of sound business practice.

A New Madrid Food Brand Is Born

The new Madrid food brand is called ‘M Producto Certificado.’

World Heritage Cities and the Fundación Colección Thyssen-Bornemisza Sign an Agreement

A collaboration agreement for the joint promotion of their cultural offer.

The Wine of Madrid Has Four New Varieties and a New Township

The Wines of Madrid D.O. has four new varieties and the town of Nuevo Baztán.

Madrid Begins its Wine Harvest

Como cada año, la variedad preferente Albillo Real inaugura la temporada.

ιδArteRecicla Open Call

Audiovisual and installation proposals can now be sent.

eDreams Joins Islas Kalise

The booking website and the insular company celebrate their alliance by launching a promotion filled with special offers and prizes.

Short Films for the Environment

Three short films focus on environmental care.

An Illustration Competition to Promote Road Safety

A competition intended to recover the art of illustration to promote road safety.

New Recognition for Madrid’s Wines

Grenaches du Monde awards its Gold Medal to Libro Siete~Las Luces 2007 wine.

Proyecta Burgos Has a New Manager

The last board meeting held by the Proyecta Burgos Foundation this year approves the appointment of Ramiro García as new manager.

Peru: Fashion and Textiles. The Publication

The new publication, co-edited by Promperú and SModa, signals the good health of the textile sector in this Latin American country.

Proyecta Burgos Seeks a New Manager

The Proyecta Burgos Foundation makes an open call for a new manager.

Peru—First Guest Country at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

For the first time in its history, the Madrid catwalk includes the presentation of designers from other countries in its official programme.

MasterCard launches USvisitors

MasterCard capitalises on the boom of Madrid’s tourism sector to promote the use of their credit cards among American visitors.

National Park Declaration

More than a decade after the first attempts, the Guadarrama Mountain Range now forms a part of the National Park Network.

Mulafest Extends Its Field of Action

The second Mulafest festival extends beyond the walls of the pavilions and creates the tarmac oasis La Isla.

Priceless Madrid Is Born

The new platform enables locals and visitors alike to get to know the city through unique experiences.

Appointment of the First Managing Director

The Spanish World Heritage Cities Group names Ángel Rosado Martínez as its first managing director.

MasterCard Mondays Are Here

MasterCard opens the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza on Mondays, free and comprehensive.

David Delfín and Yo Dona, Ambassadors of Priceless Passport

The new MasterCard programme intends to revitalise trade at Christmas time.

MasterCard and Ricardo de la Torre in the Neighbourhood of Letters

MasterCard joins the Neighbourhood of Letters shopkeepers’ association.

Road Safety Classics at Mulafest

Past and present of fifteen posters chosen by Un mundo feliz at Mulafest.