Dear friends,

When we set out on this new adventure called ‘Idonika’ two years ago, we believed that one of the best ways of introducing ourselves would be through a digital presence. However, we wanted to tell a story that was still being shaped; although we had our own individual stories, we were just starting out on our collective path.

Having traced our route, we set out on a journey that is still ongoing. We needed to stop and look back, reflect on the steps we had taken, share them and rethink, redesign and retrace the map that will lead us towards what we see on the horizon.

Before arriving at our destination we’ve shared everything our work has brought us, and we’ve done so trying to dispel the inevitable value judgements in order to retrace our short history. Only time will tell if what we did was right or wrong, a reality or a mirage. Everything, with neither exclusions nor fragmentations, forms a basic part of our DNA and will eventually help us become what we want to be.

Finally, we’re almost ready to tell you who we are, what we do, how we do it and, above all, what we dream for ourselves. Until then, you can wait for us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

Thank you for your patience.