The 25th Anniversary of the Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin

The Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin starts the year by celebrating its growth, its new additions and its twenty-fifth anniversary.


The Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin closed the year 2014 with an 8.9% growth of counter labels with respect to the year 2013. Similarly, in 2015 the regulating body includes two new wineries—Aumesquet Garrido, located in the township of Cadalso de los Vidrios in the sub-area of production of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, and Cuatro Infantes, in Nuevo Baztán, in the sub-area of Arganda—thereby increasing the number of affiliated wineries to forty-six.

Furthermore, the Wines of Madrid Designation of Origin has celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. Originally known as the Specific Designation of Origin of Madrid, its story began to unfold in 1986 and culminated on 17 August 1990, when its regulations were eventually approved by order of the Department of Agriculture of the Autonomous Region of Madrid and ratified by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture on 19 November of the same year.

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