A New Madrid Food Brand Is Born

The new Madrid food brand is called ‘M Producto Certificado.’


The Comunidad de Madrid has created a new guaranteed brand to certify and distinguish Madrid foodstuffs on the market, ensuring a distinct quality of specific food and agriculture produce made and transformed in the region. The objectives of the initiative are the recognition of the value of farming and industry for the food sector in the region of Madrid, boosting the prestige of their products and making them easier to identify by consumers.

For the time being, its graphic image is a logotype directly inspired by Madrid’s cultural heritage, in which references to the Enlightenment and particularly to the reign of Charles III of Spain—popularly known as ‘the best mayor of Madrid,’ are designed in Ibarra Real typeface, created in 1780 for the most renowned edition of El Quijote, shaped as a grid measuring three by three that evokes the perfect square made up of nine tiles in Madrid’s street signs.

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