Peru: Fashion and Textiles. The Publication

The new publication, co-edited by Promperú and SModa, signals the good health of the textile sector in this Latin American country.


The first steps have been taken. The foreign market and its most important representatives—Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Karl Lagerfeld and Stefano Tisci—have acknowledged the quality and history of Peruvian fibres: alpaca wool, vicuña and surprising organic cottons. Now the next move was to support the international projection of the fashion designers in the Latin American country. For over a decade they have been inspiring a silent revolution with their talent for manual work that is not to be found in other places.

Perú: moda y textiles [Peru: Fashion and Textiles] is the publication co-edited by Promperú and SModa that intends to highlight the good health of Peruvian textile design beyond the country’s borders. The volume delves into the history of its raw materials, confections and finally the designers, the country’s best representatives. Its pages are filled with designs by Fátima Arrieta, Meche Correa, Pepe Corzo, Lucía Cuba, Sergio Dávila, Titi Guiulfo, Sumy Kujón, Andrea Llosa, Harumi Momota, Jorge Luis Salinas, Sitka Semsch, Giuliana Testino and José Miguel Valdivia.

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