Proyecta Burgos Seeks a New Manager

The Proyecta Burgos Foundation makes an open call for a new manager.


The Proyecta Burgos Foundation is currently launching an open call for a new manager. In order to ensure the impartiality of the process, an external company will be entrusted to make the first selection, bearing in mind criteria such as knowledge of the region’s economic and entrepreneurial fabric or familiarity with the functioning of the public administration. This preselection will produce a list of no more than ten candidates that will be given to the board of the foundation, which will then complete the interviews, make deliberations and take the final decision.

One of the main responsibilities that the new manager will have to face is that of funding; in fact, a part of the salary will be linked to the attraction of new funds. Another important task is that of establishing new strategic alliances, on a national and international scale, and furthering the foundation’s line of development.

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