National Park Declaration

More than a decade after the first attempts, the Guadarrama Mountain Range now forms a part of the National Park Network.


Today, Spain’s Official State BulletinBOE, has published Law 7/2013 that declares the Guadarrama Mountain Range a National Park. The law is a pleasing conclusion to over a decade of hard work by the public administrations, particularly the Environmental Departments of the regional governments of Madrid and of Castilla y León that set the ball rolling in 2002 by subscribing a work procedure for defining the Plan for Organising the Natural Resources of the Guadarrama Mountain RangePORN.

The Parque Nacional de la Sierra de Guadarrama has unique and highly representative ecological characteristics: its flora—the well-known Pinus Silvestris pine trees, and fauna—a significant endemism and emblematic species such as the Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Black Vulture and the Black Stork—. The importance of the cultural, educational and scientific heritage that have developed for centuries in this land has also been taken into consideration in the declaration.

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